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In recent months a unique situation presented itself to our family and churches all over the world. With us being Christians we are told to love one another. We celebrate our relationships with the Lord and each other on Sundays, by gathering in one place and worshiping. In March we were told that this was no longer safe for us to do and that we should not gather until told otherwise. This was the start of the challenge and from there we began our journey to be able to praise our Lord together, while maintaining the recommendations from our government for it is sad in God's word: Romans 13:1   1 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

We began with hours of research, discussion, prayer and trial & error. We started using simple webcams and just streaming with Facebook Live. The first week was a experience that taught us a lot, especially that we needed to develop a long term plan that would follow what God was calling our Church Family to do.

Over the next month we worked through video and sound problems, we expanded our streaming capabilities and we were able to add an option to listen to the sermon, over FM radio in our vehicles. All of these achievements were born from the Grace of God. He was with our development team the whole way! Every week we had plenty of feedback from everyone and it was all appreciated, Thank You.

We knew from, early on, that there were going to have to be "upgrades" to our process. We understood that this was to consuming for time and manpower, while still giving an inadequate result. We had a great resource that lead us to a web developing company that was orientated to God's Ministry. Kody spent many hours researching, calling and doing zoom meetings to learn as much as he could about SUBSPLASH in order to have information for everyone else that has been involved with the broadcasting process. This was the best option that we had found, that suited the needs of our Church. Kody presented the options (with my endorsement also) to the Church council and they decided that this would be a worthy investment for our Church's Ministry to The Lord.

In the two weeks since the decision to use Subsplash was made, we have been able to, have our own domain @ WWW.CCCOFSLOAN.COM , we pushed out a VERY basic Web Page online, we have also developed apps for IOS, Android and Web. They each have a basic version ready, but the process to have them live in their respective app store will likely be over four weeks. During this time there will be refinements done to turn the app into a even better ministry tool, but we want to have a version (even a simple one) out as soon as possible.

The last update for our web development, at least for this week, is that we can now give online. This option was one of the most requested by our Church Family. This had a great deal to do with the decision to use Subsplash as our web service and it will streamline everything for all of us.  Currently you can go to the web page, listed above, and navigate to the Giving page. This will bring you to the Subsplash Giving page, from there you can create an account and choose from multiple options for your offering. You can use an auto debit from your checking, a credit card or a debit card. This service also allows us to make single offerings or reoccurring ones. These offerings will help, all of us, to bring God's message to his people.

I am truly excited about all of these developments and what it means for our Church's ability to reach people. I am hoping that our sermons will be broadcast live starting as early as this Sunday and to me this is God is working overtime for us. We can do so much through him, so please bear with us and be patient as we follow the path our Lord is setting before us all.

Thank you,
Zach Lux
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Suzette Harrell - February 17th, 2021 at 9:21pm

Zach, Wow! the website has come along way and is very, very nice. I love it and I can see all the work that was put into it. Thanks to everyone for bringing the worship services and church to those staying home during the pandemic. Personal interaction is so important, and while I choose not to attend at this time for safety reasons, the website and the televised online Sunday services help me to continue to feel connected to my church family at the Community Church of Christ. I am looking forward to the time when this health crisis is over. I know I will be rejoicing and full of smiles the day I walk back into the church for a service.

One thing I have noticed is how many new people have been joining us online on Sunday mornings from all around the United States. The positive takeaway from this experience has been that CCC has grown and found the way to reach more people for God, as he brings them closer to us.

Thank you, Zach, Michelle, Kody, Jill, Sharon, and Emery. May God continue to bless his family at the Community Church of Christ in Sloan, IA.

Suzette Harrell