Pastors & Staff

Pastor Kody Killian & Jill Killian

Pastor Kody Killian

Pastor Kody is the Head Pastor of the Community Church of Christ of Sloan. He brings weekly messages to our Church Family and is dedicated to the Lord's Church and ensuring that his teachings are Bible based. He has also been the co-leader, with his wife Jill, for our teenage youth group and ministry.

Jill Killian: Youth Ministry

Jill co-leads our church's youth ministry program with youth group.

Sharon Killian

Children's Ministry

Sharon is  the wife of Dr. E. She is a blessing to all of the children in our church family and you can always count on her creativity to bring the kids closer to our Lord.

Dr. Emery Killian

Pastor Emeritus

Dr. Emery Killian was the head pastor at the Community Church of Christ of Sloan for many years. Dr. E continues to serve the Lord as Pastor Emeritus at The Community Church of Christ of Sloan.
It is our belief that each member of our Lord's Church has been given gifts that the Lord wants us to use for his purpose. This means that everyone has a role in the Church no matter their title.